Records Management Administration and Consulting

Records Management provides consultations with University departments/units on campus for the systematic management of records from their creation to final disposition, insuring that department practices are in conformity with University policies and with the State of Illinois Records Act.

In 1983 the State of Illinois Records Commission notified all State universities of the State Records Act, "An act relating to State records, providing for a State Archives division of the office of Secretary of State, creating the State Records Commission and defining its powers and duties, providing for a continuing records and paperwork management program and repealing an Act therein named." This act shall be known as "The State Records Act," (Sec. 1, 43,4 -State Records Act) **To access the State Records act please use the following link to go to the Secretary of State's home page (State Records Act). Next look for the State Records Management Services section. The State Records Act is the first item listed under this section.** Thus a retention schedule was developed by the State Records Commission, with the cooperation of each university department, and was accepted and implemented as policy by the President of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1990. The retention schedule assists each department with the life-cycle of a university record (from creation to final disposal).

The retention schedule lists each campus unit, i.e., Board of Trustees, Executive Director of Administration, Office of the Chancellor, Office of the President, Provost & Vice Chancellor, School of Medicine, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement, and Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Dean. All departments are located under one of these units.

The overall objective of the Records Management Program is to provide for effective scheduling, retention, retrieval, disposition and safekeeping of all records. This includes:


How do you determine if your department's Records Retention Schedule needs changes:

  1. Has your department recently been reorganized?
  2. Has responsibilities been transferred for some of your records to other departments?
  3. Has your department discontinued a record series?
  4. Has your department inventoried its records or reviewed its records retention schedule within the last two years?
  5. Has your department converted over to electronic record keeping?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you may need to update your Records Retention Schedule to reflect your current business processs.  In order for any changes to be made on a retention schedule, a Records Inventory must be completed.  If you have changed over to electronic record keeping, you need to contact Records Management to update your retention schedule.  A new schedule must be written for the electronic records and the old record will be phased out.  (call Mike Reiman 536-6613 for instructions on this process)

*When the department request changes to the retention schedule, please use this inventory worksheet (you will need Adobe Acrobat to view the Inventory Worksheet) to make the changes, i.e., adding new items or making changes on current items. Once the form has been filled out, print it and return to Jamie Qualls at Records Management (6808). You may also contact Records Management to fill this form out for you if you so choose.  Records Management will then submit the form to the State Records Commission to have these changes made.  This can be a lengthy process.

You may also call Mike Reiman or Jamie Qualls at 618-536-6613, if you have any questions regarding changing your retention schedule.


To access the Records Management Policy Manual use the following link:





In order to view your retention schedule you must know the administrative area that your department/office reports to; then locate that administrative area on the table listed below and click on it. You will find the application number to the left of the title of the unit that you report to. For example, if your department/office reports to the Provost & Vice Chancellor, you would look under the heading, 97-43, Provost & Vice Chancellor, and click on it, etc. Once you have opened the unit, an index will appear. Find your department/office within the index and click on it. This will take you to your retention schedule. Here you will find the item number.

An example of the Application and Item Numbers are as follows:

Application #: 97-43

Item #: 100.01




(applies to every department)

Office of the Board of Trustees
Office of the President
Office of the Chancellor
Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Executive Director of Administration
School of Medicine