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Records Management now offers its customers the option of electronic imaging. This process includes the scanning of paper records to CD and then burning those scanned images to microfilm. This will maintain the integrity of the departments' compliance with the State Records Act. Each department will receive a copy of the CD and Records Management will keep a copy as a back up.

Records must be data-prepped with a few additions to be made in the target sheets. See checklist for further details. You must also put a box label for scanning on the records that are being scanned. This label is different from the box label for microfilming. Make sure you put the right label on your boxes. A target sheet will be provided for the departments, but it is the department's responsibility to have this target sheet duplicated. For the best results please have Printing/Duplicating duplicate these sheets, or you may fill these sheets out online, or you may print the form from online if you choose to write-in the information. Below is the list of forms that are available on-line:

Records Management has completed converting our old teleforms over to our new forms program which will allow our customers to work with Adobe Acrobat X. These forms are now available online. However, there are a few of the older forms which are still listed that we cannot currently convert due to issues with certain departments. You may now use these new forms as long as you have upgraded to Adobe Reader X. (If you do not upgrade to the new Adobe you can still use the new form but some of the functions cannot be used and you will get error messages when you first begin).

If you do not have Adobe Reader, please go to Adobe Reader and follow the procedures for the free download.

If you do not see the barcode at the bottom of your form on your screen, please download the form and print from your desktop, several browsers have a problem with the barcode. If we do not have the barcode it will cause a lot more work for Records Management. Thank you.