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Records Management stores all original microfilm and CD's once the duplicates have been made. The original jackets, roll film, and CD's are placed in the Records Management vault which meets all the standards for storage of historical and permanent records. All duplicate film is transferred to the off-site storage facility which is located in the University Press Warehouse and the departments receive a copy of their CD and microfiche if requested.

Records Management also stores the original and duplicate Computer Output Microfiche (COM) for several departments. The COM is placed into our temperature controlled vault in cabinets for the following departments:

  • Accounting Services
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Physical Plant

Records Management also utilizes the Warehouse for storing records. This storage facility can be used to store records the department wants to keep permanently, (but lacks office space for storage), or would like to have stored for a specific period of time then destroyed.  Please call Mike Reiman or Jamie Qualls (536-6613) for further information.