Check List

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  1. Files in correct sequence
  2. Target sheets inserted as 1st document in file
  3. Unnecessary documents removed
  4. Legibility of documents (trace over if necessary)
  5. Any bound documents removed from binders
  6. Staples and paper clips removed
  7. Torn documents repaired (taped)
  8. Documents less than half sheet in size (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") taped to full sheet
  9. Documents larger than 11" x 17" removed (can be filmed separately)
  10. No folded documents
  11. Internal document in file in correct sequence
  12. All documents face up, title up
  13. Inter-mixed computer reports bursted
  14. Documents placed in transfer boxes in correct sequence
  15. Transfer boxes titled and numbered
  16. Fill out the box label for jobs to be microfilm and attach to the front of the box
  17. For all records management forms please check the forms section
  18. Call Records Management by Wednesday when boxes are ready to be picked up

For new projects or questions, contact Jamie Qualls or Mike Reiman for information at 536-6613 or 536-6614